Friday, May 2, 2014

Throwdown Day Zero!

And it begins! After much agonizing over what to paint for the Throwdown I've finally settled on this 1500pt Dark Angels army. The original list was to be a 'purist' 3rd Battle Company - no Deathwing, and no Ravenwing elements. It had Tacticals, Assault Squad, Devastators, Land Raider, the works. But it also had like 60+ models to paint (including the b**ch to paint Land Raider).

And then the IG codex came out, and the mood for painting Dark Angels really sapped away. I even got distracted from my half-done Pink Horrors to paint the lovely new Hydra (almost done now), and lined up several IG models to paint - 9 infantry and weapons teams for an updated AirCav, 1 psyker, 1 priest and 1 lovely new plastic commissar.

But I managed to pass my own Ld test (of 5) and decided to build a Throwdown list that has models I really want to paint, and with a smaller number of models too. It so happened that I had black-primed 3 Land Speeders, 6 Black Knights and a Nephilim for my Ravenwing. And those models were all part of the original 2014 project list. So I kill several birds (black ones) with one stone by including them in the list. Now the list has fewer models, AND I get to paint most of the models which I'm supposed to add to my Ravenwing army.

So here it is, 1500pts Dark Angels:

Company Master - w artificier armor, Lion's roar and power sword (bare plastic)

Tacticals - 10-men, plasma gun, plasma cannon,  vet sgt w power sword and plasma pistol (bare plastic)
Rhino (on sprue!)
Tacticals - 10-men, plasma gun, plasma cannon, vet sgt w chainsword and plasma pistol (bare plastic)

Black Knights - 6 Knights, 1 ravenwing grenade launcher, Huntmaster w power sword and meltabombs (black undercoat)
3 Land Speeders (black undercoat)
Nephilim (black undercoat)

Predator - all-lascannons (on sprue!)

Aegis Defense Line - with Quad gun

Let's go!


  1. I will be following this with interest as I have some Dark Angels myself from the Dark Vengeance set that has yet to see the light of day. ^_^

    1. I know what you mean. Most if the infantry in this army is from that box. And my chaos stuff is still on spruce, except for the Hellbrute.

  2. Nice! I'll be following this closely as well.

    1. Once I finish assembling the Rhino and quad gun (did the predator already), I'll be starting with the Land Speeder squad.

  3. LOL I believe your leadership is greater than 5 Azlan!

    1. For most things other than wargames and models, it is indeed more than Ld5 ...