Friday, November 30, 2012

Baptism of fire for Vendetta 03

It was a night of many firsts: 1st game with my IG in 6th Ed, 1st time using a Lord Commissar, 1st time using Priests since the ancient days of 3rd Ed - and the 1st time using my Vendetta since I finished it a year and a half ago. In fact, it's the first time I've used any of the IG assault flyers ever since the Codex came out a few years ago.

And it was a blast! Flying into battle on the enemy flanks is definitely a tactical multiplier, and while the Vendetta did not actually shoot down any of the 2 enemy Stormravens, it caused enough worry and damage to totally disrupt the enemy. The Vendetta came off pretty well, causing 2 hit points on each of the Stormravens, forcing one to hover (stunned) whence it was finished off by Leman Russ battle tanks. It also destroyed a Razorback and drew all kinds of fire, suffering 1 glancing hit (from a bolt pistol).

My first IG 6th Ed list itself was pretty fun to play. It's not as big as my 5th Ed infantry lists of 105-125 infantry, but it was hefty enough with 78 infantry and 5 vehicles. The biggest drawback of the list is that it had very few scoring units (only 4 after I combine the platoon infantry squads), and I must admit that I am not accustomed to so few for my IG. The list:

Company Command - w standard bearer and vox caster
Lord Commissar - w power fist
2 Ministorum Priests - both w eviscerator, one also w shotgun

1st Platoon:
Command - Lt. w close combat weapon & bolt pistol, vox caster, grenade launcher, meltagun
1st Squad - Sgt w power sword & laspistol, Commissar w power axe, vox caster, meltagun, krak grenades
2nd Squad - Sgt w close combat weapon & laspistol, meltagun, krak grenades
3rd Squad - Sgt w close combat weapon & laspistol, meltagun, krak grenades

2nd Platoon:
Command - Lt. w power sword & bolt pistol, vox caster, grenade launcher, meltagun
1st Squad - Sgt w power sword & bolt pistol, vox caster, meltagun, krak grenades
2nd Squad - Sgt w power sword & bolt pistol, meltagun, krak grenades
3rd Squad - Sgt w power sword & laspistol, meltagun, krak grenades


Assault Tank Squadron
2 Leman Russ Demolishers - demolisher battle cannons and hull & sponson heavy bolters

Leman Russ Squadron
2 Leman Russ - battle cannons and hull & sponson heavy bolters

Next time I'm going to keep the regimental standard bearer at home and use the points for heavy bolters on the Vendetta and an extra grenade launcher or flamer for either 1st or 2nd platoon Command Squad.

The Emperor Protects!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Belated update from France. Better late than never.

You may have guessed it - I started a new job in September, and was literally swept away with work. Completely forgot to update my last campaign game in our France 1940 FOW campaign.

It was a brilliant battle against Mark's BEF. I was really cocky at the start of the battle and actually charged his lead platoon with my PzIIs. And I learnt the hard way how effective those little 2pdr guns can be. Needless to say my PzII platoon was torn to shreds, and the 2 surviving tanks bottled out.

After the initial setback, my troops dug in and waited for reinforcements. The pioneer platoon dug in to cover my right flank while the center and left flanks were covered by the Luftwaffe 88 battery and supported by the CO and the 2iC platoon. In the meantime, the 88s got invoved in long-range counter-battery fire against the Britsh artillery, with Stukas joining in the action as appropriate. The combined and consistent shooting eventually wore down the British batteries, and they were never a real threat in the battle.

The British reinforcements in the form of infantry and mortar platoons, supported by Matilda I's came in from my right flank. The dug-in pioneers were more than enough to discourage the advance of those tanks. Fortunately for me, the British infantry advanced cautiously, deciding to go from wood to wood.

Why this was fortunate for me was because it allowed precious time for my reinforcements to reposition from my far left flank and into battle on the right flank. One light platoon, one PzIII platoon, and the 2iC platoon combined to make a complete mess of the flanking British infantry. And to make sure the British didn't have any ideas about moving his 2pdrs to support those infantry, one of my light platoons hung around behind a hill on the left flank, within charging distance of the British lines should he decide to move his ATGs.

The combined tank platoons and Stuka strikes eventually decimated the British flank attack, and my tanks were now sweeping into assault positions behind a wood. Then it was time to for the final assault, and as one, the 3 tank platoons of the main assault on the right flank struck forwards, while the platoon lurking on the left flank charged the British positions in front of them, thus drawing the deadly 2pdr battery fire away from the main attack. The platoon carrying out the diversionary attack was decimated, losing 4 out of 5 tanks, and the survivors hastily fled the battlefield. But it was not in vain, for the main attack swept up the British right flank and garnered victory for the Germans.

Only one infantry platoon survived on the British side. I lost 2 tank platoons, and while the 88 battery was technically still there, I had lost both guns.

A superb end to an amazing campaign! Thanks Mark for such a brilliant game. Seeing 2 nicely painted armies on a nicely built table in a campaign game with a strong narrative is always too much fun!

And after that game, it was back to 40k! I had resumed work on the AirCav, with all remaining squads now primed, and 3rd squad currently being painted. Vendetta #3 is being assembled. Should be good. Also, the Dark Vengeance box is a great distraction, and combined with the Dark Angels models from another DV box, plus a whole bunch of marines I've had assembled for a long time now, I think I have most of 1st and 3rd Companies to go along with my Ravenwing. Then there's the Chaos codex, and I've got the Hellbrute all primed and ready to go ...

so much hobby, so little time ...