Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Progress for 5PD!

The tanks are nearly done! 2nd platoon got done last night, and that's the last combat platoon in the company. I must say the decals are the most fiddly part of the whole process. I just realized that the pic above shows the left side of the tank. The tank numbers on the right side of the tanks got peeled off when I got a bit too rough with the weathering. I'll leave it as that for now, but will go back and add extra stowage or something to hide the missing numbers.

The pic below are the tanks from Company command, with the 2iC getting the super-cool Panzer IIC, while the boss rides aroun in his little command tank. This platoon's almost done - weathering and final spray tonight.

Also, tonight I should be able to finish priming the Leichte Pionier platoon (7 stands of rifles) and the Stuka. And then we're just about ready to drive south through Belgium and into France!