Saturday, February 2, 2013

Season 4 kicks off with a bang! ... and my 'ead 'urts ...

Last night's Hobby Night was truly awesome. It was the second instalment of Legio Throwdown, and you can plainly see the rising standards of the hobby hereabouts. Goh's Night Lords won the night, and well-deserved too. Go to to check out his awesome-looking squad.

My Ravenwing with the shiny new codex and 7 shiny new models (6 Black Knights and a Nephilim) took to the field in the kick-off of the 40k League Season 4 - and I actually played 3 games last night! Yes, my 'ead 'urts after that, but it was worth it.

First game was against Alvin's Blood Angels. The battle was really cagey for the first few turns - I wouldn't get close because he would tear me up in close combat, he didn't want to approach because the Ravenwing gunline would cut him to ribbons (or so he thought). But when the Nephilim took out his Land Speeder and scored First Blood for Ravenwing, the BA line surged forwards. It was the first time I saw the Black Knights in action, and their plasma talons ripped apart a BA assault squad, but left 3 standing. The turning point was when the BA assault terminators waded into 3 of my units and killed 'em all. The rest was history - victory to the BA.

The second game was against Subhan's awesome-looking uber-shooty Necrons. Amazingly, it's my first ever game against any Necron army since the Necron codex came out - and I must say they are pretty strong. Once again, Ravenwing scored First Blood (first oil???) when an outflanking bike squad and attack bike destroyed 2 of those Spidey thingies. The Black Knights cut down the Necron Lord's scarab escort before 2 bike squads assaulted the same. But a combination of tactical errors, great moves by the xenos, screwy dice rolls and the amazing xenos firepower won the day for the xenos. The proliferation of S7 and S6 weapons made my T5 bikes feel like T3.

The third game was against Faizal's great-looking Space Wolves army, which was also uber-shooty. Drastically changed tactics for this one, sending ahead attack bikes to take out Dreadnoughts and Razorbacks in the first turn. For the first time in the night, all my reserves came in Turn 2. Sammael and the Black Knights came in on the left flank while the rest of the army rolled up the right flank. The concentration of firepower was pretty awesome and the Space Wolves were immediately on the back foot. Some highlights was the charge of the Black Knights into Grey Hunters - the Grey Hunters won! Sammael's plasma cannon overheated twice in a row when he was down to his last wound. That was scary! The Ravenwing won against the sons of Russ (next time we should just settle the issue with a champion from each side :)

Looking forward to the next round of mayhem!!!