Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jetbikes inbound!

Finally managed to put more than just the undercoat to my scatter laser jetbikes. All the bikes sport my Alaitoc renegade blue armor with light blue stripes. As of last night, I've managed to block paint the underslung scatter lasers, as well as the riders' helmets and fringe thingies.

Next up, I'll put another layer of yellow for the helmets, paint in the eyepieces and the gems for the riders and their jetbikes, the jetbikes' instrument panels, a light wash for the riders, touch up on the highlights after the wash, decals for riders and jetbikes, and they should be done.

Also, when I get to the gems, I'll whip out the Hemlock and paint more gems for that flyer. I was rushing it when I painted her and she really needs more gems on that gorgeous body of hers. I'll probably add a couple more runes as well.

I should be able to get all this done in time for my next game 2 weekends from  now. Totally looking forward to it!

Keep rolling them dice ...

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Home Table WIP

Of all the distractions taking me away from painting my Eldar, my IG and other assorted models in queue, perhaps the most benevolent and excusable is the on-going Home Table project.

I live in a condo, so space is premium. The whole idea is to have a table that is portable, sets up fast and easy, and packs away just as quick and neat too. So after some mulling around, I built and acquired the materials for it. So this is what I have so far:

- 6'x4' board, cut into three 2'x4' pieces for easy handling and storage, from the local hardware store
- Double-sided battlemat from
- 12 tall trees from Woodland Scenics
- 28 medium trees from Woodland Scenics
- 6 mounting boards (for the woods) from Art Friend
- 2 craggy hills from ye olde local pet store
- 2 low flat hills from Amera
- 1 four-stoery ruin from Amera
- 1 Fortress of Redemption from GW (I guess this can be broken down into 4 different structures)
- 2 three-storey ruins from HF
- 1 wrecked Rhino from HF
- 1 lookout tower from HF

The Amera kit is a simple vacuum-formed thing, but it works out really well. In fact I'm soooooooo tempted to get a couple more (the Admin Block and Factory look awesome), as well as the really nice-looking Gothic Ruins from But I passed my LD test and did not click "Buy".

While in a pinch, I can already have games on the board (thanks to the awesome mat and bits of scatter terrain already in hand), there's still some work to do, in order of priority:

- Assemble the remaining 28 trees
- Base all 40 trees
- Cut out the mounting boards to mark out woods area terrain
- Paint all of the above
- Paint the Amera ruin
- Touch-up paint of the craggy hills
- Paint the low hills
- Touch-paint the old terrain from HF
- Assemble and paint the Fortress of Redemption

I'm stoked! But I do want to finish painting the 6 jetbikes this month too. Anyways, you know what they say about the best-laid plans ...

Will be having a game vs some Ultramarines this weekend - should be a blast!

Keep them dice rolling!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Khorne clash at Balau

 It's been awhile since I had a game with Kadir and on a weekend back to KL, we managed to squeeze in a late-night 40k game on the hallowed battlefields of Balau.

I brought the same 1850pt Alaitoc Windrider Warhost (which is actually a CAD), which is WIP with about 6 bikes, 2 Warp Spiders and 3 Dark Reapers currently being painted. Here's the list:

Eldar Combined Arms Detachment
Farseer - jetbike, singing spear, Spirit Stone of Anathlan
3 jetbikes - scatterlasers
3 jetbikes - scatterlasers
3 jetbikes - shuriken cannons
3 jetbikes - shuriken cannons
3 jetbikes - 2 shuriken cannons
3 jetbikes - 2 shuriken cannons
6 Swooping Hawks - Exarch with Hawk's Talon
Fire Prism
Fire Prism
Aspect Warrior Host
5 Fire Dragons with Exarch
Wave Serpent - twin-linked bright lance, shuriken cannon
8 Warp Spiders - Exarch with twin-linked deathspinners
8 Dark Reapers with Exarch, starshot missiles

The Khorne army was quite formidable. Something like:
Kharn the Betrayer
Daemon Prince - Nurgle, wings, Mastery Level 3
8 Khorne Berzerkers - Champion w powerfist
8 Khorne Berzerkers - Champion w power axe
8 Khorne Berzerkers - Champion w power axe
Heldrake - baleflamer
Land Raider
Predator - lascannons
Predator - lascannons

We got Tactical Escalation with Hammer and Anvil deployment, and while Chaos got to choose table sides, I got to deploy and start first, which is good. Funny enough, my army list was flexible enough for me to not really be concerned about the kind of Maelstrom mission and deployment.

There was single 3-storey ruin in my deployment zone on my right flank, and it was quickly occupied by the Dark Reapers. One Fire Prism hung around behind that ruin, next to the Wave Serpent, while the other Fire Prism covered the left flank. Jetbikes were deployed on each flank and center, shuriken cannon ones to the fore, scatter laser ones in a second staggered line. One of the scatpacks hung around near the Fire Prism on the right flank behind the ruin, joined by the Farseer. Swooping Hawks will deep strike as usual, and for the first time, I'm going to deep strike my Warp Spiders.

Turn 1 Highlights
Kharn's Land Raider is a priority target as it's only 2 turns' charge range away. Lance fire from my Fire Prisms managed to knock only 1 hull point off the beast, and it was the Dark Reapers who almost wrecked the might tank with starshot missiles, leaving only 1 hull point left.

I didn't want to bet that the single twin-linked bright lance shot from my Wave Serpent will take away the final hull point, so that skimmer went flat out forwards to block the Land Raider's path to force it to go through some woods.

Assorted shuriken cannon and scatter laser fire destroyed both Rhinos, serving only to madden the already-crazed Berzerkers pouring out of both wrecks.

Two of the most forward shuriken cannon jetbike squads on my left flank turbo-boosted deep into enemy territory, behind the ruins behind his Predators.

The Nurgle Daemon Prince flew back towards the rear-most jetbike squad, unleashing its terrible vomit torrent, killing 1 jetbiker. While his Psychic Shriek was ineffective, the dousing of the jetbikers with terrible pestilence was enough to break their resolve and they fell back.

One squad of Berzerkers occupied some woods in their deployment zone, while the other advanced towards the Wave Serpent, charging it and easily destroying it, even as Kharn's Land Raider, which is by now Invisible, ploughed into the woods on my right flank in no man's land.

It turns out that the 2 Chaos Predators across from my left flank were sitting on a Skyfire Nexus! Thats' 4 lascannons and 2 twin-linked lascannons with Skyfire. Suddenly my Hemlock doesn't feel like coming in.

Those very same tanks unleashed their heavy las weaponry on my Fire Prism covering the left flank. Some deft jinking manouvers ensured that the skimmer tank was only glanced once.

Turn 2 Highlights
Streaking in on the left flank at full throttle, the Hemlock unleashed its Heavy D-Scythes on the Chaos Predators, but both shots scattered wildly away. The Swooping Hawks deep struck behind the Predators, and the Exarch showed them who's boss, single-handedly wrecking the nearest Predator with his Hawk's Talon.

The 2 jetbike squads in the enemy rear managed to knock off 2 further hull points from the remaining Predator, and shaking it.

On the right flank, I finally managed for the first time ever to cast Eldritch Storm on the Berzerkers and Kharn's Land Raider. But it turns out my Farseer was out of range. Undeterred, the Fire Dragon squad who had bailed safely out of their Wave Serpent moved forward toward the Invisible Land Raider. They scored one hit, and it was enough to wreck the mighty tank.

Massed Dark Reaper, scatter laser and shuriken fire wiped out the Berzerkers that bailed out of the Land Raider, and even left Kharn with just one remaining wound, clinging on to survival. Shuriken, scatter laser and the guided Fire Prism on the right almost wiped out the Berzerkers that killed the Wave Serpent, leaving 2 survivors (they later charged the Fire Dragons, killing the Exarch and another Dragon, but the survivors managed to escape. The Berzerkers were then easily gunned down in Turn 3).

The Chaos marines now didn't have many units left, and even the Heldrake failed to arrive. Kharn joined the Berzerkers that were in the woods, and the Daemon Prince ensured that they were made Invisible to Eldar eyes.

Once again, the Daemon Prince's Psychic Shriek attack on the jetbike squad deep in his lines proved ineffective, but his vomit killed 2 Swooping Hawks.

Turn 3 Highlights
As the Swooping Hawks Skylept back into the heavens, the Warp Spiders deep struck onto the battlefield near the surviving Berzerker squad. This is the first time I tried deep striking them into battle, and I must say I like it! But the power of Invisibility proved too much, as massed fire from the Spiders, nearly all the jetbikes, and the Dark Reapers only killed 2 Berzerkers.

The Hemlock's Psychic Shriek attack on the same squad was dispelled easily, with Kharn in that squad (actually we forgot about that, but he Denied the Witch anyways).

The only successful shooting was by the jetbikes deep in enemy territory on the left flank, who easily killed off the last damaged Predator. Tragically, the Warp Spiders' jetpack jump was only 4" - and they were well within charge range of the crazed Berzerkers.

The Chaos Heldrake finally arrived, and its terrible weapon easily wiped out, finally, the jetbike squad that has been deep in enemy territory since Turn 1. The Daemon Prince had to come onto the ground to capture an objective. However, his attempt to cast Invisibility on Kharn's squad was dispelled.

With nothing else to shoot (they wisely did not shoot at the Warp Spiders), Kharn led the Berzerkers into a frenzied charge on the Warp Spiders. A hail of monofilament overwatch fire felled 1 Berzerker, but it was a foregone conclusion as Kharn hacked and chopped almost the entire squad single-handedly, his minions taking care of the rest.

We called the game at the end of Turn 3 as we had run out of time (Kadir was helping run an AOS tournament the next day and needed the sleep). But without Invisibility on Kharn's squad, and with the Daemon Prince on the ground, it is most likely that the Eldar would have tabled the Chaos army in Turn 4.

In 3 turns, the Khorne army was cut to pieces, with only the Daemon Prince, a wounded Kharn, a squad of Berzerkers and a Heldrake was all that was left. The Eldar lost the Warp Spiders, a Wave Serpent and a jetbike squad. Objectives-wise, the Eldar just managed a 3-2 win.

Kadir would have done much better with his normal army, which had a stream of summoned daemons. That would have done much to dissipate my firepower.

At any rate, it was real fun time, and I totally look forward to my next game.

Keep rolling them dice!