Friday, March 28, 2014

The Return of Lord Amun Seth and Lord Ka'Kaa.

Last night saw the return of Lord Amun Seth, Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. Little is known of the origins of Amun Seth. Some say he was a Thousand Sons Sorcerer. Others even dare suggest that he was once a Librarian of the Dark Angels. Still others profess that he was actually a xeno-sorcerer of the Eldar.

Still he returned to the fray. Along with the reappearance of His High Emminence Lord Ka'Kaa, the Lord of Change. Both had at one time or another led my Thousand Sons armies into battle, but last night was the first time that both Lords fought together. And it was pretty insane.

I built the list because I hadn't touched these models in ages, and also because I wanted to try a little daemonic theme in the army. So out goes the Predator and Land Raider, and in come the Defiler and Obliterators. And with the Heldrake flying around and the necessary pack of Horrors, the only non-daemons were the Thousand Sons Rubricae and Sorcerers.

Talking about Horrors, I've had them since the old Daemons codex, but didn't do anything with them. In fact, I had only assembled 9 of them (favored - ya, ol skool). Fortunately, I was able to find the sprues and assembled the 10th Horror necessary for the minimum unit size in the current codex. After hastily sanding their bases and spraying black undercoat, the Horrors got a super-fast 5-minute paint-job. It's by no means painted, but at least they look like something like Horrors in last night's game.

The Heldrake itself saw a lot of progress. I'm almost done cleaning up the basecoats. Next week I'll probably finish the model and hopefully the base too. And I'll set to work to finish the Horrors properly.

The game itself was pretty scary. With both the Lord Amun Seth and Lord Ka'Kaa being Mastery Level 3 Sorcerers and flying around causing havoc, I can see why a lot of people use multiple FMCs. All my flying creatures died by the end of the battle, but there really wasn't much left of the enemy too. And my Troops were hardly harmed. We'll give this another spin soon, hopefully fully-painted next time.

Keep rolling them dice!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

That Was Some Healthy Hobbying!

Last Friday's Hobby Nite was some kind of awesome. It started off on the right foot with a great meal and beers, and by the time we arrived at the Forge, we were raring to go. I especially like the look of the hordes of Astartes that greeted us at the Forge. Nice.

I had a bit of trouble with focus, and took out 11 Black Knights and a couple of Land Speeders to add to my Ravenwing armory. I also took out my WIP Heldrake, but did not do any work with it. It's coming along yes.

Anyways, I took the last Land Speeder to assemble, and got that done, right before my first game with Hakim's deadly Eldar. Fielding my new Ravenwing list, I must say I had loads of fun with it. It's super-fast and hard-hitting. Salvo 4 twin-linked bolters on bikes are super-deadly! I think just one squad wiped out an entire Dire Avengers squad, mercilessly gunning them down. At any rate, I still got outgunned and lost the game. And had great fun too!

The next game was against Aiman's Balakor/Daemon Prince/Ahriman Thousand Sons army. This one was pretty one-sided as my bikes got torn apart really fast. Completely forgot a lot of special stuff like Preffered Enemy and the Skyfire on one of the objectives I held.

We were going for a second round when the Lord AK arrived. We had prebooked this game, so I unpacked my AirCav for a fight with his Raven Guard. It was pretty fun, and funny, and the AirCav managed to truimph in this one. He's written a batrep with pics and all, you can check it out at

Anyways, it was pretty late by the time we got done, and after the sumptuous meal, beers, hobbying and 3 games, I was beat, retired home and went to bed with a smile. All hobby nites should be this awesome.

Keep rolling them dice!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Catachan-Brandenberg Escalation Force!

Last Friday, it was my Shadowsword's turn to face Rizal's titan. This time, the Brandenbergers combined forces with the Catachan Air Cav. HQ, 2 vet squads and 3 Vendetta were from Air Cav, while the Shadowsword, 2 Leman Russ and 1 platoon were from Brandenberg.

Rizal's force was White Scars - bikes, tough flyers and a Warhound Titan. Scary. The battle was okay until I over-committed on killing his Titan, disembarking all 3 Catachan squads within the titan's void shields, and quickly bringing it down. Unfortunately, I failed to see that the thing only 6 hull points left. So the White Scars seized upon that mistake and shot down both hovering Catachan Vendettas, as well as the squads on the ground.

The Catachan Captain fought on valiantly, managing to survive a hail of fire, until the Astartes flyer concentrated all firepower on him. Only 4 Brandenbergers and 1 Vendetta survived the battle - but it was great fun! Gotta do it again!

Earlier in the evening, the Thousand Sons-Eldar tutorial continued, this time with Rhinos added back into the Sons' list. I must say they are much more effective with Rhinos (as they always were), and had 2 narrow losses. Gotta do this again too!