Monday, March 3, 2014

Catachan-Brandenberg Escalation Force!

Last Friday, it was my Shadowsword's turn to face Rizal's titan. This time, the Brandenbergers combined forces with the Catachan Air Cav. HQ, 2 vet squads and 3 Vendetta were from Air Cav, while the Shadowsword, 2 Leman Russ and 1 platoon were from Brandenberg.

Rizal's force was White Scars - bikes, tough flyers and a Warhound Titan. Scary. The battle was okay until I over-committed on killing his Titan, disembarking all 3 Catachan squads within the titan's void shields, and quickly bringing it down. Unfortunately, I failed to see that the thing only 6 hull points left. So the White Scars seized upon that mistake and shot down both hovering Catachan Vendettas, as well as the squads on the ground.

The Catachan Captain fought on valiantly, managing to survive a hail of fire, until the Astartes flyer concentrated all firepower on him. Only 4 Brandenbergers and 1 Vendetta survived the battle - but it was great fun! Gotta do it again!

Earlier in the evening, the Thousand Sons-Eldar tutorial continued, this time with Rhinos added back into the Sons' list. I must say they are much more effective with Rhinos (as they always were), and had 2 narrow losses. Gotta do this again too!



  1. This Friday the 7th. Are you free?

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  3. Nope. But Friday the 13th I'm good

  4. Friday the 14th. Hmm.. I'll get back to you