Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finally Moved In!

Seven months' delay, but we've finally moved into the new place. And after a couple of weeks of sorting out stuff from storage, I finally managed to get my models in the shelves. Well, mostly.

What's on the shelves are my 40k and FOW armies, as well as wargames books and rules. What's not on the shelves yet are my 15mm Napoleonics, 15mm DBA, 20mm WW2, 28mm WW2 and BFG stuff. And some trophies, which need some repairs.

But I like how the new shelves are panning out. Neat and compact, though I must admit I have a slight paranoia of the glass shelves breaking and dropping onto models below. Doesn't help that the bottom two shelves are home to the AirCav detachment.

The cupboards below the shelves are where unopened boxes, bitz boxes and tools are kept. Other cupboards to the side have game box sets such as Space Hulk, Firestorm, etc.

I've decided not to have a permanent painting table as I'll be too tempted to sit out in the living room. So I'm in the market for one of those cool painting or project trays so that I can paint on the bar counter with the TV on.

I'll most likely be investing in a gaming table, and for ease of storage, use and to comply with Home Ministerial Standards on Neatness and Un-Messiness, I'm leaning towards one of those cool gaming mats, plus a mixture of GW and Battlefront scatter terrain. I'll need to figure out the platform for the mat though. Thinking of two 3x4 or 4x4 plywood.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to enjoying this new pad - after my vacations.