Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Windriders are Back!

After a long hiatus brought about by many many short intra-sector hops to nearby SG system, punctuated by a number of major familial events, the Windriders finally arrived at Legio's new digs at Hobby Forge. And what an awesome debut!

It was my first time there, and I must admit I was blown away. My expectations were high, as I knew what the Legio and HF crew are capable of based on the terrain and events already done in the past few years. And I have to say that it's simply the most mind-blowing thing!

Ten exquisite Legio Mk.II tables, complete with themed finishing and scatter terrain, finished with classy side pieces with Hobby Forge, the name of the table, and Legio Malaysia proudly emblazoned. Two smaller tables perfect for skirmishing, both done in the same high standard. Huge uplifting murals. Appropriately martial music. Display shelves with awesomely painted models in them. Stock. Lots of stock. Paint bar. Drinks fridge. Digital displays. High ceilings. Clean. Comfy. Awesome.

I had a game vs Ultramarines - my first against mon-keigh of the current codex. It was simply awesome. The Windriders managed to carry the day, and it was just the cream on top of an amazing experience. This is is simply da Hobby bomb!