Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kill Team! Throwdown! New Tau! What an awesome Hobby Nite!

What an awesome Hobby Nite! So many things going on. I arrived early enough to witness our very own venerable Khairul completely demolish his opponent in a no-holds-barred epic game of ping-pong. Then it was reebs and good hobby talk. Then Faizal came with his new Tau models.

I must say the new Tau models are a vast improvement! What kept me away was the battlesuits - personally not to my taste. But the new Broadsides are really really nice models. And not to mention the ginormous Riptides - of which he brought 2. Since the Kill Team game was delayed (courtesy of a classic KL jam), we set about to having a good ol' 1750 40k game.

And he completely demolished Eldrad's Defenders of Haran! From the receiving end point of view, the Tau shooty just got shootier. But their Achilles Heel remains close combat. When out of desperation I unleashed my left flank (sounds big - 1 squad of Harlies, 1 squad of Warp Spiders) on him, 2 Kroot and 1 Fire Warrior squads were routed in a single charge, and a Riptide was held in combat. Should have done that from the start - and yes, Rangers WILL charge Tau. lol. Next time, you upstarts you.

Kill Team was an amazing experience. Note that these are home-brewed Kill Team rules and scenarios (and superb terrain!), not the GW rules that came out years ago. But it was totally awesome! You really get the feel of your individual warriors as they face down the enemy in a desperate fight to the death. Awesome terrain is absolutely essential as you get down to your models' point of view and eyeball the enemy trying to creep up to their objectives. Completely full of character! I'm so glad I named each individual team member of my Kill Team. It does bring across the feel of that amazing skirmish game - Necromunda. Only it's based on 6th ed 40k mechanics, and it's far simpler. Can't wait for the campaign.

And it was also Throwdown #7, which is the first night of 2 Wild Card entries. I still have loads of Catachan veterans to paint, so I entered my 3rd Squad. And amazingly, they came in 2nd! I was surprised - just finished that squad an hour before Hobby Nite. Thanks for the votes guys. But the highlight of the Throwdown was most definitely Jeff's really nicely painted Mk.II Land Raider. Very carefully done - quite inspiring for me to do my own one for the Thousand Sons.

Anyways, that was totally awesome. I love Hobby Nite!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Eldrad Lives!!!

Last Friday was another awesome night of mad hobby and dice chucking. I was a little late, but made it in time to display my Throwdown entry, and have a game vs the smelly minion of the Great Enemy - Papa Faizal Nurgle himself.

Unlike the last time that Eldrad's motley band of maiden world defenders met up with the Plague Marines, Nurgle was this time more careful to not split his army into bite-sized chunks.

And the result was dramatic! For minimal losses, the disciples of the Rotten One nearly wiped out my army - leaving only a Pathfinder and Eldrad alive. While technically the Eldar still won, it didn't feel like it ... lol

Faizal also won the Fast Attack Throwdown with his really nice looking bloated pus filled entry. I really like the detail in the exhaust, with bits of zombies falling out of the flyer's arse. As you can see above, Eldrad was bravely facing down the very same prize-winning flying monstrosity.

My own flyer was also at the Throwdown, and I believe it's the last Vendetta that I actually bothered to paint the insides of (got smarter after that).