Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thunda Mutha!

The Catachan Basilisk Thunda Mutha managed to bag votes at last night's heavy support Throwdown. I was amazed - really didn't expect that, considering that the night before I had a matt varnish spray fog up disaster on the vehicle.

I had to brush some gloss varnish over most of the affected areas, repaint some bits and went back to the matt spray to rescue the model. In the process, one of the shovels stuck in the back of the crew compartment broke off.

But I guess the rescue job was good enough. I'll need to go back and finish the crew for the beast. But that will be much later - after the army is done. 

I also managed to have a great pre-hobby nite drinks session w Jeff and Khairul. Haven't done that in a long time. And it was just truly awesome to sit back and enjoy the cold beverages and awesome company.

Talking about cold drinks and nice people, we had the honor of the Doc visiting us all the way from Penang. He brought his ol' skool White Scars Vindicator for the Throwdown, his White Scars army, his Ogre Kingdoms army and 6 packs of cold goodness! What an awesome dude!

My Defenders of Haran rag-tag vehicle-less Eldar army under Eldrad himself took on the White Scars from the north and managed a win. Then Faizal's servants of slimy smelly papa nurgle force took on the Eldar. Eldrad managed to pull off a victory again! 

There were some funny moments in both games, but I think the 2 funniest involved the last standing Striking Scorpion. After his squad was shot to bits by enemy Obliterators and Terminators, he was charged by swarms if shambling zombies. He held on bravely and was eventually rescued by a squad of Harlequins.

The zombies were wiped out swiftly, and the Harlequins in turn fell to the multiple flamers of the Oblits. And so it was that the lone Scorpion drew his chainsword, turned to face the Nurgle Lord and his Terminator retinue, and bellowed in the calmest of voices only an Eldar Aspect Warrior can muster. "You shall not pass!"

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Straken makes it in the nick of time! True Cav style!

It was quite exhilirating speeding down the highway from the airport to make it to last night's throwdown. I had already missed the Elites one, and I really didn't want to miss out on the HQ throwdown.

And so I was such a happy dude when I managed to arrive, unpack and set-up Colonel Straken and his Command Squad about 20 minutes before time's up! And while everybody had already voted, it was still a great feeling to know that Straken made it! In the nick of time!

I also managed to put in a last League game. My Ravenwing was on fire last night, quite brutally pounding Faizal's Nurgle marines. My dide rolls were just amazing (incredible number of jink saves were made), and Faizal's dice were just as amazingly bad! (even by my standards!). Anyways, it was pretty fun, but we decided to not count it officially for the league.

Here's looking forward to the heavy support throwdown!

See you guys!