Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jetbikes inbound!

Finally managed to put more than just the undercoat to my scatter laser jetbikes. All the bikes sport my Alaitoc renegade blue armor with light blue stripes. As of last night, I've managed to block paint the underslung scatter lasers, as well as the riders' helmets and fringe thingies.

Next up, I'll put another layer of yellow for the helmets, paint in the eyepieces and the gems for the riders and their jetbikes, the jetbikes' instrument panels, a light wash for the riders, touch up on the highlights after the wash, decals for riders and jetbikes, and they should be done.

Also, when I get to the gems, I'll whip out the Hemlock and paint more gems for that flyer. I was rushing it when I painted her and she really needs more gems on that gorgeous body of hers. I'll probably add a couple more runes as well.

I should be able to get all this done in time for my next game 2 weekends from  now. Totally looking forward to it!

Keep rolling them dice ...


  1. Super clean lines which on the Eldar means fantastic work (yet again)! :) Also something about the yellow and violet that just works, and works very well.