Friday, September 2, 2016

Jetbikes are table ready!

Just a quick update - in a frenzy of last minute painting, the 6 new scatter laser jetbikes are ready for battle, which happened just an hour after the bikes were painted.

I finished up the weapons, shading, gems, helmets and runes. I also took out the Hemlock and painted additional gems onto it, but didn't get around to adding more runes.

After I unpacked it onto the gaming table, I realized that I forgot to finish the helmets - the faceplate details weren't painted and the helmet runes were not there.

O well, that's something that I need to get back to then.

After this, I'll need to paint 5 more models to get this iteration of my Windrider Force full painted - 3 Dark Reapers (including the Exarch), and 2 Warp Spiders.

I'll post the batrep next, or at least a summary of the battle.

Keep them dice rolling.


  1. Phew! That's a lot of minis/models. Last minute painting they may be but they still look good.

  2. Thanks. I do tend to lean more towards the gaming side of the hobby, and I find things like scheduled games, campaigns, megabattles, tournaments and such events tend to drive up the painting gear somewhat.