Monday, May 5, 2014

Hydra Ready for Battle!

I love this model! And now it's ready for battle, in support of the Leman Russ of the Brandenberger IG. I did completely forgot about the camo-netting, which should be quite fast once I get some gauze.

It's been quite awhile since I painted armor (or anything) for my Brandenberger IG. I think the last thing I did was the Manticore some years back. So I kinda felt my way through this one.

I started with a few coats of Tamiya German Grey spray, then went ahead to paint in the details like the weapons, lights, stowage, etc. I actually forgot to put on the storage when I was assembling this. Then I put on the Iron Cross decals, and gave a coat of Tamiya Matt Clear over the decals.

I painted in some Bestial Brown trailing down from the rivets, and Leadbelcher chips. Then in true Brandenberger armor style, I gave the whole thing a healthy black wash. After that some liberal drybrushing with Vallejo English Uniform and the tank was basically done.

The crew uniform was in Vallejo German Field Grey, with German Grey helmets, and Mechrite Red shoulder pads (they are artillerymen after all). All in all, pretty simple job. I'm happy with how it turned out.

Next up will be finishing up the Pink Horrors, then we dive full force into the Throwdown, starting with the Land Speeders for the Wild Card!

Keep rolling them dice!


  1. Wow ... that was certainly quick. If memory serves me right, it was only late last month that I saw this hydra assembled. It does indeed look cool and nice paint job by the way. I love the little details like the bags and pouches on the side of the hydra. Oh yes ... hail hydra (sorry I couldn't resist). ^_^

    1. Lol. Thanks. It paints up really nicely, and it's a pretty simple color scheme. I'm in a bit of a rush because this model was never in my painting list. It kinda cut queue. I've got to go back n finish my Pink Horrors now before I dive into the Throwdown challenge.

  2. Great Scheme. Really gives the army a german theme. Love the little chips, rust, and various weathering. Just enough!

    1. Thanks. This is the latest edition to my IG army that I started back in 2000. Im not sure how many points I have now, maybe 10k. If you like, there are links to more pics of this army on the right side bar. The 3rd gen pics are the ones I like best.