Saturday, May 10, 2014

Might of the Emperor's Hammer!

Friday's gaming session was pretty cool, trying out updates to my existing IG armies that I haven't tried yet.

First off was my Mechanized Infantry list. Writing this I realized that this is actually the first time I'm running a mech infantry detachment not entirely made up of veterans. Company Command with Master of Ordnance (first time trying this dude out), a Priest, a Primaris Psyker, one platoon of infantry with Command and 3 squads and lascannons and plasma guns (the 3 squads blobbed up with the priest), a veteran squad with 2 plasma guns, all infantry in Chimera (the veterans' Chimera equipped with heavy flamer in the hull), 2 Vendetta, 2 Leman Russ and 1 Leman Russ Executioner.

The enemy was a very mobile and hard-hitting Eldar force. The mech infantry were completely outclassed, outgunned and outmanouvered. One thing I did learn was that the Master of Ordnance is an awesome Advisor! For so little points, you get a large blast template raining down on the enemy. Love it! Also, I do need to try out my old mech infantry style with veterans fighting mounted on Chimera. Funniest bit of the game was when the priest took out the Wraithknight in close combat (well, Smash is good, and the beast was down to 2 wounds).

The second game was to try out updates to my AirCav. With the new Codex, I took out the Basilisk (was never intended for the list in the first place), and added a 2iC squad (Major Winters) who now has the Regimental Standard, a Master of Ordnance, an Officer of the Fleet. Without bodyguards, Straken's squad is now reduced to 5 guys plus a priest (all in Vendetta, works out nice). Since Straken's squad is relentless, they get 3 plasma guns, and his old medic stays in the squad (all that plasma might just hurt). The 2 squads that fly in with Straken are each equipped with 2 meltaguns, a heavy flamer, and a vet sergeant brandishing a power sword. The 3 squads starting on the ground with Major Winters now have heavy weapons - 2 squads with autocannon, 2 plasmaguns and a sniper, and the 3rd squad with missile launcher and 2 meltaguns.

This was against the same Eldar army and was a close loss. Again, the Master of Ordnance proved himself really valueable (and insanely heroic, calling down his last barrage on Eldar jetbikes just 8" south of his position). The heavy weapons and snipers work out nicely. I'm still not sure about the missile launcher though. Might just switch it to another autocannon, though modeling a missile launcher team advancing into position is nice too. The heavy flamers are awesome!!!! Now I need to find some points and upgrade at least one of those squads to Demolitons. I think the Officer of the Fleet can be released - he's got very limited value (and I prefer my own kitbashed models to the GW one). Funniest parts of this game was when a crashing and burning Vendetta ploughed straight into an Eldar War Walker, obliterating it. Next turn, a crashing and burning Crimson Hunter ploughed straight into an Eldar Vyper, obliterating that one too.

I didn't get the time to try out my Armored Company again, but that's fine. I had 2 awesome games!

Next gaming session, I'll try out the tweaks to my AirCav (hopefully with the additional models done), and my veteran mech infantry.

Keep them dice rolling!


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    1. Me too! Been awhile since I did one. Maybe next game. Planning to use my veteran mech infantry

  2. Same here. A batrep would be awesome.