Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Throwdown Day - 55% done!

The final Throwdown came and went last Friday. There were some really nice models there, but only 1 army was complete. And that of course, was Iqbal's brilliantly bright Eldar! Kudos for that purity seal dude.

My own AirCav came in at 55% complete. And I'm really glad for the Throwdown to get my ass of the ground and get some movement going in this project. Now that the Throwdown is done, I'm going to focus on finishing the army to the original 1750 pts, and then to the expanded 2000 pts.

For 1750, these are the models that need to be finished:

2 Vendetta - status: OD base coat done
1 Valkyrie - status: OD base coat done
20 veteran infantry - status: black under coat done
1 standard bearer - status: base coats 80% done
2 advisors - status: black under coat done
1 priest - status: black under coat done

For the extended 2000 pts, I need to add the following:

6 Ogryns - status: unassembled
1 Chimera - status: MIB
1 Marbo - status: unassembled (kitbash - parts already set aside)

And last Friday also saw the return of Ahriman and his dust boys. After 2 months of playing an all-foot Eldar, I must say it was a huge change - especially in rediscovering how easy Rhinos pop to concentrated fire (when I was playing the all-foot Eldar, that was a great way to gain First Blood. Guess I'm giving those away now).  But Thousand Sons is huge fun! All that magic. So cool.

Of course, in the very first time they come back to Legio battlefields, they go up against armies that ignore their AP3 bolters - Deathwing, and Blood Angels Honor Guard. Typical. The fight vs Deathwing didn't turn out too well. While Belial's uber 10-man Deathwing Assault Squad was wiped out in a single round of shooting, he actually held on in the ensuing close combat till battle's end. And the squad that could have saved the day for the Sons outflanked on the wrong flank (my mistake to assign that squad to the sorcerer with the blindfold - of course he couldn't see where he was going! lol), and the Deathwing carried the day. The fight against the Blood Angels was bloody. At the end of the battle, only Dante, 1 of his bodyguard and 1 Stormraven was left, and only 2 Terminators and 5 Thousand Sons survived (Ahriman died in Turn 2 - rolled a 1 for LOS, and failed his save against a melta shot). But they held the objective and won the day. The Sons are back!


  1. Azlan, I din realize that nite while you are playin, but your 1ksons and the objective actually looks awesome! There is some sick highlight on each models man!

    1. Thanks dude. This army was actually painted 10 years ago, and I spent way too much time on it. It got an update in 2008 when I brought it to SporeCon, which was when I did the objective markers. The army is still growing. The termies will one day be finished (only 1.5 models to finish painting), and so will the third Land Raider, Hellbrute and the Heldrake.