Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Um, Colonel sir, I'm afraid we have bad news ...

... AirCav Detachment, II Catachan will not be ready for deployment by tomorrow evening as scheduled, sir! Yes sir, I have assigned myself to special punishment detail, sir! What is that sir? Yes sir, I will add self-flogging into my list, sir! Yes, sir, I will use the torture implements as used by the Arco-Flagellants bunking in at base camp, sir!

Sir? Paint faster, sir? Sir, yes sir!!!!


  1. Hey be sure to show up with all your painted stuff anyway for the finale dude! You still have a lot done :)

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  3. All those models are not painted?
    I can't see properly due to bad lighting.

    1. Majority of the models are painted. What's not done are the 2 squads on the right (black-sprayed), the 2 Vendettas on the right (bare plastic), the Valkyrie on the flying stand (OD base coated), the 2 advisors and priest in the far left (black) and the standard bearer (base colors almost done).

  4. You and me both bro :( Just as I was putting the finishing touches to the Imperial Fists..they were called to defend an imperial world in the ...errr..morib sub-sector ;)

    You still deserve props for taking part and getting some models and squads done :)