Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Eldrad Lives!!! Again!!!

What an amazing night of gaming and hobby last Friday! On the downside I didn't manage to finish my Vendetta #05 in time for the last fortnightly Throwdown. It was a great Throwdown too. Khairul's Space Marine jetbikes were awesome, and rookie Lena's Dark Eldar was really cool.  Btw, bunches of kudos to Lena for being the only one to have made 8 for 8 Throwdowns! 100%! Puts us all so-called vets to shame.

Iqbal's lovely Harlequins won the night's Throwdown. Real detail work. And if you know his penchant for really original color combos, it works just fine for Harlies. Well done!

I did manage 2 games. One was a kill team game, which was rather one-sided. Mad Donna and her gang of Escher lovely thugs totally outnumbered and outgunned Khairul's Eldar aspects. Poor xenos. This game convinced me to finish painting my stormtroopers.

Anyways, my second game was a 1750 rematch vs Faizal's Tau, who slaughtered Eldrad's Defenders of Haran 2 weeks ago. The rematch was bloody from Turn 1, with the Kroots fried to a crisp by Wraithlord flamers. By turn 5, the Tau were down to their Riptides, a Hammerhead, a Tetra and the battle suit command squad. Eldar was down to only Eldrad and his Wraithlord buddy, both of whom managed to be in close combat, and thus pretty safe :) In the second last turn, Eldrad survived such a hail of shooting from the entire surviving Tau army. Insane! Fortune is good. With extremely heavy losses, Eldrad won the day, thanks in part to First Blood and the extra VP gained by killing the Ethereal.

And thus completes an amazing tour of duty of Eldrad's Defenders of Haran. Next time, Ahriman and his dust boys will be back in town. In the meantime, there's a s**tload of painting to do to get my AirCav done. And it shall be done!!!

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  1. Nice batreps dude, and congrats on your win against the Tau!