Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Daddy's Day ... and other hobby odds and ends ...

Had to put this drawing up which my daughter did for me for father's day. I thought it was pretty funny with the smiley faces and the neck tie liturgy scroll.

I've been struggling through hobby this past few months, stealing time here and there to get my fix of hobby goodness. Doesn't help that there's been so many cool stuff lately - Eldar, Langton 1/1200 ships, Napoleonic resurgence, Ravenwing, FoW, BFG ... jeez.

Finally had my first game with the new Eldar, using the latest reincarnation of a "purist" Alaitoc Ranger Force - all foot, no vehicles. Against Faizal's Space Wolves, it was quite a blast. The Alaitoc have become deadlier than ever. Crazy. Will need to try the other new Eldar toys in the next game.

Talking about toys, I'm about 30% done with my Nightshade fighter. Decided to do an Exarch's aircraft. It's been awhile since I painted Eldar, and clean lines and bright colors are such a pain after a long spell painting IG and Ravenwing. My AirCav is on a break - got 2 Vendettas and 1 Valkyrie at about 40%, plus 24 infantry all black and ready to paint. When I get back to these guys next month it's for the home run! Other stuff on the table include 6 new Eldar jetbikes and 6 Ravenwing command squad bikes.

Lastly, Kill Team is a blast! As the pic below (actual in-game) will tell you.

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