Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vendetta 03 Reporting for Duty!

Finally! After months of moping around cursing at the stupid matt spray, I finally went back and finished the bloody Vendetta. I'm happy with the result, though I must admit it's not as pimp as when I originally painted it in January. Compared to Valkyrie 02, this Vendetta has substantially less weathering, reflecting that it's perhaps a newer vehicle shipped out to assist Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken's crack Catachans.

After all the decals and weathering were done, I proceeded to glue on the wings and twin-linked lascannons on the front of the hull. I also went back to Valkyrie 02 to glue on the wings as well. Magnetized wings just don't cut it, and I don't want to risk wings dropping off and breaking my nice FW wing-mounted twin-linked lascannons.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that both waist gunners have already been completely painted, and all I had to do was to add some glue to the base of the heavy bolters and stick them onto the swivel mounts. I'm using the technique with all my Valkyrie and Vendetta. In the unlikely situation that I don't use my heavy bolters, I just need to swing the gunners into the hull and slide the doors shut.

Due to a nasty habit of not keeping my hands clean, I got tiny streaks of glue on the pilot's canopy. Luckily the streaks were orderly enough to look like weathering. Praise the Emperor.

The bases are actually not 100% done - I have no idea where I put the aquarium vine plant things that's supposed to adorn them. This should give a decidedly tropical feel to it once done, and should contrast nicely with the grey ruins on the ground.

So now I've got 2 veteran squads and 2 transports done. Next up will be the Colonel himself and his nasty Command Squad. After I get his squad done, I'll paint another Vendetta, and at the least I would have the minimal 2 troops and 1 HQ. AND I would then be halfway through the project.

The Emperor Protects.


  1. Vendetta FTW!
    just don't forget to prep your Thousand Sons for the campaign, ok..

  2. thanks. the only addition i have for my campaign Thousand Sons army is the favored termie squad, which i will work on during hobby nites. The aircav will be home hobbied (is that a new term?)

  3. I think "home hobbying" is indeed something we need to run with lol!

    Nice work, dude. You and Khairul have kicked my butt this last week. Time to return the favor...

  4. Thanks. I've actually assembled and undercoated Straken's squad. Had a good time with some of the models, especially the medic. Will update soon.

  5. nicely done dude! soon we can see a reenactment of 'Apocalypse Now' :)