Thursday, August 4, 2011

AirCav Back to Life!

After a long hiatus caused by the disaster of matt spray fogging up my Vendetta, I've finally picked up the AirCav trail - by fixing the paint-work on the damaged Vendetta.

Entire portions had to be re-sprayed with the base color - Tamiya OD. This includes the top of the wings, the front half of the hull top, and the entire front section. I masked off the cockpit first because the detail on the control panels survived the disaster.

Then it was off with the tank brush to dry brush camo green over the resprayed parts. I had to redo the black block paint and related highlights on the nose section, as well as the the areas to be given the boltgun metal treatment, and the pilot's visor. Then it was the metal bits - the hose things on the engines, the fans, some bits on the helmets and the lascannon barrels. I took out my old catachan green and repainted the flight helmets. These guys were originally painted as a sub-assembly, so painting and highlighting them now when they are already fixed in the aircraft was actually quite a challenge.

That was pretty much it for the night, other than sticking on the AirCav shield on the right side of the cockpit. Next session I hope to finish it. Essentially, the steps remaining would be:
  • devlan mud wash on the metal areas
  • shade and highlight pilot's visor
  • front lamp, and 4 lights on the front and sides
  • paint in the details on the AirCav shield
  • decals
  • weathering
  • stick on the waist gunners
I'm really happy to see this moving again. In the meantime, there are Thousand Sons terminators to paint :)


  1. Nice! Your blog lives, as does your mighty hobby skill sir! Can't wait to see this army done, while listening to some Rolling Stones or Hendrix... ;)

  2. I really should build one Valk with built-in speaker, MP3 player, loaded with Stones, Hendrix, Doors, etc

  3. Nice to see u hobbying again :)

    Now finish up those air cavs so we can have a game.

  4. Replies
    1. As someone making a thousand sons army I would like to ask how you made the terminator helmets?

    2. Here's how I built the squad (and more pics)

      The helmets are made of the front half of plastic space marine termie helmets, glued to the rear half of rubric marine crowned helmets. Mine are metal, so it was quite some work to cut and shave off the original power armor helmet.