Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Colonel Straken's Command Squad - kick off!

Started on Straken's command squad. It's a pretty hefty squad - the Colonel himself, his 2 rabidly loyal bodyguards (no prizes for guessing which models those 2 are), regimental standard bearer Sgt Washington, melta-gunner, flamer, medic (my favorite conversion in this squad), brother Jacobus the priest, astropath, and Lt Commander Hudson of His Divine Emperor's Navy.

I originally wanted to kit bash the navy dude from plastic IG officer bits and paint him the tan color you see in Vietnam war movies. But the naval officer model was just too nice to pass. So I figured, hey, it's 40k. The contrast will work wonders

My favorite conversion in this squad is the medic. It was fairly simple. Used one of the medic bags on his back, and converted one so that it looks like he's carrying it with his right hand. The smaller medic bag hangs from his belt. He also carries a holstered side arm and a sheathed Catachan blade. And being a medic, he's got 2 water bottles.


  1. Nice! These are going to look sweet painted

  2. Oooo catachans in cadian armor!! Nice!!!

  3. thanks. Khairul, that guy with the flak jacket is actually straight off the Catachan command sprue. I do have a squad assembled combining Catachan and cadian sprues - they look great

  4. I need help...how many assault weapons can IG command squad/infantry squad carry?