Sunday, July 3, 2016

Serpent weapon swap again ... or back to the lances, perhaps.


With the current codex, the Wave Serpent's role has reverted to its role back in 3rd Ed - as the best d**ned transport in the game! The amazingly broken previous codex' Serpent turned it into the best gunship/battle tank in the game, which is not quite right (though I enjoyed it tremendously). But really, the Wave Serpent is a transport vehicle, and I'm glad that it's gone back to its roots.

16 years after converting a couple of Falcons into Wave Serpents by lengthening the hull and adding bow shields (all based off plans found on some website somewhere), those very same Serpents are still in action. Back then they usually carried Howling Banshees and Fire Dragons. They remained exactly the same models until 2013, when I gave them a face lift - refreshed the paint job and changed the turret to scatter lasers (magnetized) from the original bright lances (glued).


Yes, I completely missed the era of the Forgeworld Wave Serpent bits, and have yet to get one of those nice looking current era plastic Serpents.

So, in between converting my jetbikes, painting my Hemlock and tweaking my army lists, I decided that the army currently doesn't need another twin-linked scatter laser in its arsenal. By some kind of miracle, I managed to find the original metal bright lance bits which were pried off the turret back in 2014.

3rd Ed memories

3rd Ed memories

And after that it was the easy matter of putting magnets onto the bright lances, and since the turret already has magnets on it, I just swapped away the scatter lasers. Now I just need to touch up the paintwork, and it's all set.

Hope to give an update on the Hemlock paintjob soon.

Keep rolling them dice!


  1. Never got into that whole magnetized joints thingy. Another regret in my long hobby failed-to-do list. :)

    1. Yes, but you do have an amazingly healthy hobby achievements list :)

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