Sunday, March 1, 2015

A couple of games amidst the chaos of being in limbo ...

 ... and it was a blast! My entire life, hobby and all, have been rather upside-down for the past couple of months, as I've had to vacate my old house (sold it), but my new one's not quite ready for moving in yet. So I've been officially homeless and squatting at my in-law's for the past few weeks. Far from ideal. Not to mention the job's been rather hectic.

So it was that on the eve of Chinese New Year Eve, I manage to get a couple of games in vs two very elite mon-keigh armies. I used my Eldar because I actually have two 1,850pt lists packed very neatly into a bag and a case (as opposed to the other armies, which are packed in many many different cases).

The first battle was against Amin's elite Ravenwing. It was most unfortunate for the Ravenwing, as being Eldar, his speed and mobility advantage was easily nullified by my skimmers. His army was smaller than my own take on the Ravenwing, but had more long-range punch. Led by Sammael on jetbike and his Command Squad, I think he had 3 full squads (each with 6 bikes, attack bike and Land Speeder), a squad of 2 more Land Speeders and the shroud Land Speeder. The shrouding speeder was the first to be killed, which made the others much easier to shoot down. The Ravenwing gave a valiant fight, but the Eldar won decisively.

Next up was Khairul's Grey Knights. This army is scary-looking. 20 of those Interceptor power-armored dudes, 10 termies, 2 librarians, 2 of those big scary Knight things, all led by a scary-looking mon-keigh sorcerer.  He had like 14+d6 psychic dice or something like that. I had zero psykers, my war-host being led by a venerable Autarch of Alaitoc.

The first couple of turns were nail-biting, with the mon-keigh advancing against my skimmers to try to hem them into a corner. I managed to get first blood by gunning down one of the combat-squadded Interceptor units, but my firepower for the first couple of turns were seriously limited as I had to sacrifice shooting to manouver myself out of the closing noose. However, the Eldar did manage to elude the mon-keigh trap and was then able to lay down carefully lad fire plans and deliver concentrated whithering fire on the enemy. When it came down to the last 4 terminators, the mon-keigh, to their credit, waved defiance before being summarily gunned-down execution style, for my very first TA using this Eldar list.

Two amazing games. Let's hope I get some more before the March tourney.


  1. Your Ravenwing looks great and so does Khairul's Grey Knights!

  2. Thanks :)

    That was an awesome game we had with some really memorable moments. Vortex of doom doing nothing and the libby shrugging off a fire prism shot.