Thursday, December 25, 2014

When a Few Armies Need to Move House ...

We've been spending the past couple of weeks packing and making ready for the big move, which will happen in the first week of January. And to make things worse, it's a 2-part move! The new house is not quite ready, but I've already sold my current one, and need to vacate soon. So I'm moving to the in-law's place for a couple of months, while most of my stuff goes into storage. Then, sometime in March, I move again to the new place.

Anyways, timing mishaps aside, it's really interesting to go through 10 years of stuff - books, music, wargames, clothes, junk, etc. I gave away/trashed a whole bunch of stuff, and got organized a lot too! My daughter's boyfriend is the proud recepient of 13 years worth of White Dwarf, including some really old '90s vintage ones (including the issue that announced the release of the Eldar Falcon tank - awesome issue), as well as stacks of '90s vintage Wargames Illustrated.

My long-delayed bitz organization exercise was forced into action, and I can now proudly boast a few stacks of nicely organized bitz boxes. It's amazing how much less space is need when you get organized!

Anyways, as the picture above shows, my wargames stuff is almost all ready to go. In fact, as of writing, I'm done packing my wargames stuff, except for the bulk of my Ravenwing which is still at Hobby Forge, and my BFG fleet which is at Wira Games.

Rulebooks for 40k, Fantasy, FoW, WAB, Grand Manner, Napoleon's Battles, NPOW, General d'Brigade and all kinds of other rules, plus codices, army books, Ospreys, unopened boxes, boxes of WIP projects, all kinds of other wargames-related kits, hobby materials, tools etc, all fit nicely into 3 large boxes.

Painted armies are packed in various army carrier bags and cases. For my frequent trips to and occassional games down south, I have 2 Eldar armies ready for action in a Sponge Bag + tool box. Another two Thousand Sons armies are also ready for action in another Sponge Bag + tool box combo, just in case I need a break from the Eldar cheese.

Three FoW armies are neatly packed in the awesome FoW army bag. The giant GW figure case is now filled with all my painted IG infantry - Brandenberg, Catachan AirCav, Necromunda-based militia, Denerair Highlanders - my guess is about 250 figures. Also in the giant case are 11 Leman Russ, 7 Chimera, a Hydra 2 Hellhounds and a Devil Dog.

The large padded plastic bin that I normally use to transport the AirCav now contains the 6 AirCav flyers, 2 other flyers (Dark Eldar, Ravenwing), a Shadowsword, a Baneblade, 2 Basilisks, a Manticore, a Wyvern, 3 Leman Russ, 3 Vypers, 4 Land Speeders and other assorted stuff. Another large tool box carries 2 Baneblades, a Shadowsword and assorted Thousand Sons, IG and Eldar vehicles that didn't fit anywhere else.

That was tiring work, but it is fun to go thru your old toys once in awhile.

Keep them dice rolling. I'm trying ...


  1. Wow ... that's a lot of stuff over the years. Your daughter's boyfriend is one lucky guy too!

    1. I just realized I forgot to mention a few hundred painted 15mm Napoleonic Austrian infantry, cavalry and artillery, DBA Imperial Romans and Samurai, as well as bags of unpainted 15mm Naps. Lucky thing I gave away my O&G and my 20mm WW2 US, Soviet and Brits