Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wyvern #1 done!

Finally finished the first Wyvern for my Highlanders. Again, it didn't take too long to paint, but I did spend a lot of time deciding and trying out the conversion, and then again more time on the paint scheme and the paints to use for weathering. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

For the base colors, I again used Battlefront's Great War painting guide, and using mainly Vallejo paints, was able to base paint the vehicle pretty fast. Then it was time to figure out the details. In the end, this is what I used:

1. Vallejo Brown Violet - hull, helmet
2. Vallejo Beige Brown - wooden crates
3. Citadel Abaddon Black - all the black stuff, black wash
4. Citadel Leadbelcher - metal stuff, gun barrels, tracks, chipped paint
5. Citadel White Scar - markings
6. Citadel Mechrite Red - markings (by mistake)
7. Citadel Blood Red - markings
8. Citadel Bestial Brown - rust
9. Citadel  XV88 - leather bindings
10. Citadel Nuln Oil - wash on helmet
11. Citadel Agrax Nightshade - wash on metal bits
12. Vallejo German Grey - chipped paint
13. Citadel Fang - mud
14. Citadel Fenris Grey - mud highlight
15. Vallejo Grey Green - hull highlight
16. Vallejo English Uniform - heavy bolter tarp

There were a few experiments and trial and error - stuff that I imagined in my head, and then tried out on the model. Thankfully, most of it worked out ok for me - the rebuilt turret with the clustered barrels (instead of the chopped-off Hydra turret), the hand-painted stripes (I first used Mechrite Red - it's too dark. The straight up red of Blood Red works better), omitting the railings in the fighting compartment, the grey mud instead of brown, etc.

I still haven't decided what the crew will look like. Most likely they'll be wearing kilts, with one guy holding binoculars and observing the fall of shot as the mortar ranges in, and the other guy checking coordinates. But we'll leave that for later for now.

Next up will be 2nd squad, 1st platoon. That's 10 guys - 8 riflemen, flamer and sergeant. Looking forward to getting that done and see the army build up.

Keep them dice rolling!


  1. Really like how the wyvern has turned out. Looks a lot better than the standard, although it's a shame to loose the central control panel as it looks quite nice.

    1. Thanks. I like the control panel and it's a prized bit now. Need to figure how and where to use it.

  2. Nicely done bro! Love the paint scheme.

    1. Thanks bro. Would love to see your armies again.

  3. I really like how you captured the theme with those hull stripes. Instantly reminded me of the British tanks of the time. Over all really good.

    I look forward to seeing the crew man.

    1. Thanks! A minor distraction took me away from the crewmen and the next squad - the army's first Leman Russ! Heheh

  4. It looks great man ... and it's cool too that you shared the paints you used in the overall colour scheme as it gives me a bit of insight into how you approached the whole thing. :)

    1. Thanks. When I started listing out the paints it was clear that the simple color scheme had more colors then is apparent. It was fun, and I've just started on the first Leman Russ, instead of the next squad

  5. I was thinking Thudd guns, but this looks good.

    1. Thanks ... I was thinking Thudd guns too! heheh