Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Minor Sidetrack: Eldar Upkeep

I just realized last week that I hadn't changed my Eldar list from 6th edition. In fact, I think prior to that I've only played my Eldar a couple of times in 7th ed, using my old 6th ed list, themed as my version of a Windrider war host, or at least a really fast army:

Farseer - on jetbike, with singing spear
2 Warlocks - on jetbikes with singing spear
10 Guardians - with starcannon
mounted in Wave Serpent - twin-linked bright lance, holofield
10 Dire Avengers - with Exarch
mounted in Wave Serpent - twin-linked bright lance, holofield
6 Jetbikes - with 2 shuriken cannons
6 Jetbikes - with 2 shuriken cannons
3 Vypers - scatter lasers, shuriken cannons
Crimson Hunter - with Exarch
Falcon - holofields
Fire Prism - holofields
Fire Prism - holofields

It's very telling how powerful Eldar is, because that 6th ed list was still really powerful, even soundly beating an army of a trio of mon-keigh Imperial Knights and their IG allies.

But I figured that it's time to use some of the models that have been on the shelf for awhile, and have a change in how the army fights. Well, whatever changes, it will still be fast and in your face. So jetbikes and skimmer tanks are still important. Units that are not on fast skimmers must be fast themselves, or at least be able to infiltrate or outflank. And since I've got such an abundance of psykers in my other favorite army (Thousand Sons), I'm going to leave my aging Seers at home to contemplate amongst the stars. So this was the war host I used last week, and it was great fun:

Autarch - with a fusion gun
10 Striking Scorpions - including Exarch with Scorpion's Claw and Crushing Blow
9 Fire Dragons
mounted in a Wave Serpent with twin-linked scatter lasers, shuriken cannon, holofield and ghostwalk matrix (had 10 extra points. besides, it's the Autarch's ride)
10 Guardians
mounted in a Wave Serpent with twin-linked scatter lasers, shuriken cannon, holofield
3 Jetbikes - with a shuriken cannon
3 Jetbikes - with a shuriken cannon
3 Jetbikes - with a shuriken cannon
3 Jetbikes - with a shuriken cannon
6 Warp Spiders - including Exarch with twin-linked death spinner and fast shot
6 Swooping Hawks - including Exarch with Hawk's Talon
Crimson Hunter - Exarch
Fire Prism - holofield
Fire Prism - holofield

I must say it was really fun playing this army. It's super-flexible, and uses some of my favorite units in the Eldar army - Warp Spiders, Striking Scorpions, Swooping Hawks - and units I haven't touched in years - Fire Dragons, Autarch. It's also really hard-hitting and extremely manouverable. With the Autarch having some ability to influence reserve rolls, the war host is able to deliver death blows when and where it wants to, more or less. In one game, the Autarch also managed to get that amazing Strategic Trait to re-roll reserve rolls - which gives him amazing control!

I also realized that my Eldar hasn't had much love in a long time. The last time I painted an Eldar model was the Crimson Hunter a couple years back, and even then haven't quite finished its base. I did paint 6 jetbikes at that time, along with a converted Warlock on jetbike. The Striking Scorpions, Swooping Hawks, Fire Prism, and Autarch were painted in 2007 - along with a paint refresh of 6 jetbikes, and still looked great. But the Wave Serpents, Fire Dragons and Guardians were looking pretty sad.

The Wave Serpents were kit-bashed in 2000 - before ForgeWorld released their kit, and certainly way before the existing plastic Wave Serpent was released. And they pretty much remained the same ever since - plastic card bow shield generators, twin-linked brightlance turret. The paintjob has chipped in many places and some of the decals are in tatters. When I did a paint refresh in 2007, which included jetbikes, Vypers and the Falcon, I didn't manage to get to the Serpents. Here's a pic of the old Serpent. The Serpents above and below that are the updated ones as of last night.

The Spiders and Dragons were also painted in 2000, and have lots of chipped paintwork, and some of the Spiders paint has faded. The Guardians were painted in the same year, but have only minimal damage.

Anyways, with the magic of magnets and paint, the Wave Serpents have been updated. Had a bit of trouble with my matt varnish clouding over a couple of decals on one of them, but it's all fixed now. The old Aspect Warriors were touched up. I had gloss varnished their helmets to prepare them for decals - but I couldn't find the decals. So they remain rune-less for now. I'm sure they are around somewhere.

I still need to find a fusion gun for my Autarch. I do intend to get the GW Autarch with fusion gun, but that will be for my next Eldar army - a Biel Tan war host of Aspect Warriors. But that's a project after the current Denerair IG is done. In the meantime, these old Eldar models will soldier on. And having a lot of fun doing it too!


  1. I love the green and blue combination on the eldar. It reminds me of my scout patrol colours (it was named Kestrel Patrol) more than 25 years ago.

    1. thanks ... yes, I was going for the bright contrasting colors. Seems rather ... eldarly ...