Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Astra Militarum for my Catachans and Brandenbergers!

After the excruciating wait, the spanking new Astra Militarum codex is finally upon us! It's been a while since I've so eagerly awaited a new codex release. And I must say I'm real happy it's finally out - more for the comfort of knowing what's current, if nothing else.

For one, my AirCav boys  have changed a bit - for the better, in my opinion. It works out really nicely that the new Vendetta has been given a points increase and a transport capacity decrease. Especially because Bodyguards are gone, which greatly reduces Col Straken's (my warlord) HQ size. So now it's just him, the medic, 3 plasma gunners (because Straken's Relentless Determination, the squad can rapid fire and charge!), and a priest in a Vendetta. Straken is supported by 2 veteran squads flying in aboard the 2 Valkyries I have.

I've taken an additional new HQ, designated as Major Winters, 2iC. This unit is the key ground element, directing the squads already on ground, holding on to objectives and securing the LZ for Straken's airborne elements. The 2iC is barebones, save for the Regimental Standard and 2 advisors - Officer of the Fleet (who now does what the old Astropath used to do - in my opinion, more fitting actually), and Master of Ordnance (who is a cheap replacement - somewhat - of the Basilisk in the old list). There are 3 veteran squads on the ground, each with a missile launcher and some special weapons. So, at minimum, I'll just need to paint up 9 more models to bring the old list up to the new one. I'll be trying this out over the next couple of weeks, so we'll see how it works out.

What I did try was 2 games with my Brandenbergers. The first one uses an update of my classic Schutzen list, which has built a little tradition for itself since its inception in 2000. It's called the classic list because it's made up of a core assault infantry-heavy element (no heavy weapons), supported by a balanced list of equipment and weaponry, and updated each time a new codex comes out, new "standard" points sizes are set for games in the local community, or some cool new model is released.

So the current 1850pts classic 6th Schutzen which I tried out has a Company Command with Regimental Standard, 2 Commissars, 2 "Assault" Platoons (no heavy weapons) of 30 + 5 men each, 1 anti-tank platoon with 3 lascannons and 20 + 5 men, 2 Vendettas, an Assault Tank squadron (Executioner and Punisher, both with plasma sponsons) and a regular Tank Squadron (2 plain jane Russes). That's 102 men, 4 tanks and 2 flyers.

This army totally demolished an Eldar army, and quite efficiently too. Some of the nice things I noticed are definitely the orders. Fire on my Target makes it so much easier for my lascannons to take down Wave Serpents and Wraithknights trying to skulk behind cover. The cheaper "assault" tanks are definitely awesome, with the Executioner and Punisher living up to their namesakes in rather brutal style. And really, the points bump that the Vendetta got is really not painful at all - it is still the best air support in 40k in my book.

I also had to try out the new Tank Commander HQ choice - just so that I can field my 7th Panzer tank company, and the lovely new Hydra model. So I had the Tank Commander in a Vanquisher, plus another Vanquisher and a standard Russ in his squadron. I had an Assault Tank squadron of 2 Demolishers and an Executioner, a Tank Squadron of 3 standard Russes and a Hydra with camo netting for AA duty. I had 2 bare veteran squads for Troops (I need to find the points to give them Chimera - a bit more fluffy that way).

This army looked impressive, and with a lucky Seize the Initiative roll, demolished almost all of my opponent's Chaos Space Marine army in 2 turns. But his surviving Be'lakor and Tzeentch Daemon Prince almost destroyed my entire tank force. But I lucked out and a lone Leman Russ and infantryman survived the onslought, leaving the Tzeetch Prince wounded but still alive at the end of the game. After the game I noticed that we played this wrong - the new Hydra does not have its auto-targeting rules anymore! O well, we'll try again next time.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to try out other stuff with the new book - like Armored Sentinels, Engineseers, Ratlings ... a whole bunch of stuff.

Keep rolling them dice!


  1. So very sexay! I want some IG lurve too!

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning