Monday, June 2, 2014

AirCav reinforcements on the way!

When the Astra Militarum book was released, I found that I can practically field my AirCav without the Basilisk in a nice-looking airborne assault infantry themed army. So the new 1850 list will look like this:

Colonel Straken - command squad with 3 plasma guns and a medic (for obvious reasons)
Ministorum Priest - he rides with the Colonel's squad in Vendetta 03.

Major Winters - Straken's 2iC. He takes care of the units already deployed on the ground. The standard bearer is with him. Winters is armed with a bolter and sword.
Master of Ordnance - attached to Major Winters squad to call in the big guns when needed (like all the time).

1st (Assault) Squad - demolitions squad led by veteran sergeant with laspistol & power sword, heavy flamer, 2 meltaguns, and of course, a demo charge. They ride Valkyrie 02 (Straken's old ride in the old book).
2nd (Assault) Squad - demolitions squad with heavy flamer, 2 meltaguns and another demo charge. They ride Valkyrie 07.
3rd Squad - autocannon, a plasma gunner and a sniper.
4th Squad - autocannon and 2 plasma gunners.
5th Squad - autocannon, a plasma gunner and a sniper.

Valkyrie squadron - 02, 07, both armed with multilaser and rocket pods
Vendetta squadron - 03, 04, both with standard lascannon fit-out
Vendetta squadron - 05, 06, both with standard lascannon fit-out

To get the new army done, I'd have to paint the following models:

1. Missionary Priest - I've had this model since my very first days with the Imperial Guard. I'm using him because the strange new AM book doesn't give shotguns to priests, and I'm not willing to cut up ol' Uriah. This one's already painted. Just need to rebase.

2. Master of Ordnance - this guy's metal from the original IG Advisors blister pack. He and the Officer of the Fleet have been black undercoated for awhile now. Will finally see some paint on him.

3, 4. Snipers - these dudes are kit-bashed using the sniper rifle from the Catachan Command sprue, adding the metal GI heads to both. I made sure that each sniper has a sidearm, just in case. One guy kneeling, the other standing.

5, 6. Heavy flamers - these dudes are kit-bashed with the heavy flamer from the Catachan Command sprue, with the metal GI heads. When assembling them, I realized I had used one of the fuel tank back packs on my Basilisk conversion. Luckily I had a few Cadian-pattern fuel tanks lying around, so I used those instead. Solder iron lead was used as a hose to connect the fuel tanks to the heavy flamers.

7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. The autocannon crew are pretty standard. Four crewmen are kneeling in traditional heavy weapons teams poses - one guy firing the weapon, the other spotting/pointing. The 3rd team is shown not firing their weapon. One guy is walking off with a spare ammo drum, while the other guy is standing and just spotted something. All the dudes have the metal GI heads of course.

13. Major Winters himself was kit-bashed using standard Catachan legs, Cadian torso, Catachan Command sprue bolter right arm, Catachan left arm holding sword and one of the spare heads from the Baneblade kit. I like the head because of the bionic right eye, which makes him Straken's distant cousin I guess (though rumor has it that Winters is not Catachan himself). As with all my AirCav troopers, he's also been given ample kit like water bottle, ammo pouches, grenades, etc.

And there we have it. An awesome distraction from my Dark Angels! The army's lack of psykers will probably punish me in 7th, but Straken doesn't give a s**t, of course.

This Friday I shall try out 7th for the first time, probably with the Thousand Sons.Wish me luck.

Keep them dice rolling.

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