Friday, January 24, 2014

Some painting, some procuring, lots, LOTS of dice rolling!

That was a pretty awesome Hobby Night! Starting off pretty innocently, and in a rather disciplined manner I'd add, with a spot of painting to finish up the Tzeentch Terminator Champion - the last model in the favored terminator squad that's been WIP since before plastic Chaos termies were ever invented, and Codex Chaos 3.5 Rubric terminators were the scourge of the galaxy.

A most fantastic excuse to stop painting came along very quickly when I discovered I had forgotten to pack my favorit old school brown ink to wash all that gold. At any rate, stocks had arrived at Hobby Forge, and I had some procurement business to do in the name of the Emperor. To which a transaction was promptly done, resulting in me becoming the proud owner of the Escalation book (finally) and 2 Land Speeders (for my Ravenwing expansion).

Jo's Grey Knights were up for a game, so I dutifully unpacked my AirCav in an 1850-point Relic mission. The Grey Knights were beautifully hobbied, from the nice paint scheme, to the very liberal use of magnets to ensure that all his models are always able to swap equipment and weapons and turn up WYSIWYG. The battle turned out one-sided, as he had very limited AA capability, but there were many hilarious moments, quite typical of 40k. Like when the surviving 2 Guardsmen in a melee with a GK monster just refused to give up (double-1), or the volley in which snap shots hit twice as much as normal-BS shots. It's clear not that with AirCav, the tendency so far is either they win big, or lose most gloriously.

I've been working on my Tzeentch termies off and on for the past couple of weeks, and assembled the Heldrake too, so I was dead curious how my new Thousand Sons list would do. Enter Dann, with his Deldar, in an urban Scouring. I must say that I'm a little more than out of touch with my Thousand Sons (haven't played them in a year) and made several nube mistakes (like outflanking Rubric squads on foot and realizing they can't run, etc). The battle was actually going not too bad, when Ahriman promptly turned into a Spawn, and I decided that the rest of the Sons should just go home then, as they were way too far from any objectives.

Doc Selvam and his White Scars-Space Wolves coalition came on next, and we duked it out rather bloodily (he did include several Space Wolves) in the same urban setting. The early part of the battle was quite painful for Doc, as his initial wave of drop pod infanry and dreadnought were wiped out by concentrated fire and a spirited Terminator charge. Things started to look better as more loyalist reinforcements turned up, and as my armor refused to work (a touch too many 1's). The Heldrake was amazing, and saved me from being annihilated, even though he arrived late (-1 on my reserve rolls). In the end, both sides were left with very few models (Loyalist survivors: 2 flyers, 3 bikes; Thousand Sons survivors: Ahriman, Heldrake, Predator) and nobody held any objectives, but the Sons narrowly won 2-1. That was indeed epic.

Next time, I'm going to try a list without the Land Raider, and see how annoying outflanking Thousand Sons in Rhinos can be. Or I might just bring in the Brandenburgers, with a Baneblade or three.

On another note, last week was also the first time I had a proper wargame with my son, in a FOW small battle that saw his British infantry tabling my panzergrenadiers.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the many projects I've set myself up for. Next update, I'll show some newly painted models.


  1. That last picture is so kickass awesome! ^^

    1. Thanks. I think so too. AirCav is fun. Now I want see what happens when I add a LOW to it

  2. I have to admit.. I'm a bit scared of your air cavalry. Need to fight them sooner or later.

  3. Propoganda only ... it actually looks scarier than it fights ....