Saturday, July 27, 2013

Vendetta 05 ready for action!

In the on-going saga of Straken's II Catachan Air Mobile Detachment (AirCav), finally finished this on Friday, pictured above with 3 other squadron-mates. This Vendetta and 2 others have been at 70% done for months. Today I'll tackle 06, and then hopefully also finish Valkyrie 07 before I go on vacation. I had to go back to hand-painting the AirCav shield on the nose because I really couldn't find the pre-cut shields that Jeff made for me. The hand-painted one turned slightly smaller than the others, but I'll leave it for now till I find those shields (and then glue it over the smaller one), or make the time to repaint it.

After the game on Friday night I also went back to add to my kit-bash Warlock on jetbike. I'm happy with it so far. Just thinking if I should sculpt the eyes, or leave it blank-faced, or just paint the eyes on. Anyways, hopefully I'll come back with the Vendetta 06 update real soon. Happy gaming!

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