Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vendetta 04 Ready for Duty!

Vendetta 04 is now ready for action. In the pics above and below is 04 and 03, as well as Valkyrie 02 (which won't be part of throwdown - only the Vendettas are in).

This one didn't take me much time at all. In fact, if I had more time available for painting, it would have been done over a weekend. The secret is that unlike my first 2 Valkyrie/Vendetta, I did not paint the passenger compartment interior for this guy. And neither did I paint the heavy bolter gunners. The heavy bolters are painted and mounted on their swivel mounts, and unless you were to shine a light directly into the compartment, you can't really see the inside. It's all shadow :)

The other details are pretty much the same - pilot, WSO, cockpit details, weathering, etc.

Next up would be the Command Squad, and then the Ogryns, which I still need to procure. Or maybe I should just be cheeky and paint up Guardsman Marbo as my Elites choice :)


  1. NICE!!! Formation of those looks awesome!

  2. Thanks. Can't wait for the whole thing to get done and with some pics at Legio

  3. Nice!!! Those are gonna make some awesome pics!!!

  4. OMG flyers every where! Great job! I want to play against your army Spunky!

  5. Sure. I'm always keen for a game. This army will have 3 more flyers though