Saturday, September 1, 2012

Leichte Pionier and Luftwaffe 88 support ready to roll

I'll need to get more pics of this Leichte Pionier platoon up. Really had fun painting these guys, although it's only a small platoon, and I have yet to paint their trucks. The pioneers will lend some much needed engineering support for my advancing panzers, and will also come in handy to hold objectives.

The real fun part about painting this unit is that it's exactly the same as other infantry units, but being early war, I was able to do some different stuff (as opposed to late war). Like having their trousers painted in grey to contrast against the field grey of the tunics. Also, some tiny white markings on the left side of their helmets to suggest the eagle decal which was on Heer helmets in the 1940 campaign. And being pioneers, these guys have black lines on their shoulder tabs instead of the white for the regular infantry.

These Luftwaffe 88s will be sorely needed in the upcoming campaign, what with the expected stiff defence from French and British heavy tanks (and the fact that being a Leichte Panzerkompanie, the guns on my PzII and PzI tanks will probably need some help). These guys and the Stuka support will be most welcome (though don't expect my boys to start cheering Goering too loudly).

I thought I was being clever by repainting my late-war 88s for this unit - until I discovered that the crew are wearing late-war style boots!!! By that time it was too late to change course, and I finished painting the battery in early-war colors anyways, hoping that people won't catch the offending boots (and won't be reading this blog either). The fun bit about painting these guys are the red details on collars and shoulders denoting Luftwaffe gunners, and the little lines on the left side of the helmet to suggest the Luftwaffe eagle.

Anyways, my 5PD detachment is just about ready for the invasion of France. Only the Stuka needs to be finished, and that's almost done. Totally looking forward to the campaign!