Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Leichte Panzerkompanie: Progress!

The mark of a great campaign like the recent Legio Firestorm Bagration campaign is that it inspires you. And true enough, after a long hiatus, I revisited my FoW Blitzkrieg project - a Leichte Panzerkompanie.

When I left the project, I had finished a platoon of Pz II C and was midway through a Pz III E platoon. I painted the tanks with 9PD insignia, as this was one of the light panzer divisions operating in France. But my late-war 5PD force in the recent Bagration campaign did so well that I switched to 5PD instead. The other good reason for me to switch to 5PD was it was one of only 2 panzer divisions which used 2-digit vehicle numbers instead of the usual 3.

So for the past week, this is what I did:

1. Re-did the list based on my increased experience as a FoW commander
2. Painted German Grey over the 9PD insignia on my Pz II (3rd) platoon, and painted on the 5PD insignia
3. Finished painting the Pz III (4th) platoon
4. Went back and redid the tracks and weathering on the Pz II platoon
5. Basecoated all my remaining tanks in German Grey spray
6. Finished painting 1st platoon, a mix of Pz I and Pz II
7. Started prepping the Leichte pionier platoon

This hobby night, I'll start painting 2nd platoon, made up of a Panzerbefehlswagen, 2 Pz I and 2 Pz II. The army at 1750 points will be made up of the following:

Company HQ - 1 Panzerbefehlswagen, 1 Pz II, 1 Pz I
1st platoon - 2 Pz I, 3 Pz II
2nd platoon - 1 Panzerbefehlswagen, 2 Pz I and 2 Pz II
3rd platoon - 5 Pz II
4th platoon - 3 Pz III
Leichte Pionier platoon - 7 stands pioneers
Luftwaffe 8.8cm FlaK 36 - 2 guns with additional crew
Priority air support - Ju-87 Stuka, schwerpunkt

Out to 2000pts, and as an alternative to the 88s is a Panzerschutzen platoon of 7 stands and 4 halftracks. And you know what, I probably need some mortars too. And a Pz IV platoon would look good too, come to think of it.

Anyways, I'll focus on 1750 first, and we'll see what happens when the Blitzkrieg campaign opens up.


  1. It's really to hold a brush again, I can tell you that!

  2. Great work, bro.
    I have only 5 Shermans and no one else besides TJ, play FOW here. And TJ just became a daddy last month.

  3. Thanks. sounds like you need to make some trips to KL man :) or infect more penangites with the FOW bug.

  4. Nice work dude! Looking forward to facing this force with my French Chasseurs Portes... :)

  5. Yeah, really nice work there. Cool that you're continuning with your 5PD. Nice touch there.

    We'll meet across the board again Herr Azlan!!!

  6. Looking forward to seeing of the Frenchies and the Brits. Though I frankly have absolutely no idea how to do it. Yet

  7. They look great! I like the idea of doing the same army in EW and LW to.

    Good luck with the campaign.


  8. Thanks. I'm about halfway done with the third tank platoon. After that it will be the HQ, the light pioneers, 88s and Stuka