Sunday, January 15, 2012

Onwards to Arnhem!

Last Friday, the 3rd Monmouthshire lads showed Jerry what for, as they valiantly defended Helvoit Road from an all-out SS panzer assault. Along with the Shermans from 23rd Hussars, and the chaps from division support, and even some heavy artillery support from the Guards, our chaps stopped Jerry dead in their tracks. More than a dozen enemy tanks were destroyed (mostly Pz IV, though initially they were thought to be Tigers from a distance). Jerry was then thrown back into a full retreat and our lads advanced to capture the Vucht Bridges. Hurrah!


  1. Nice pics n nice to see a blog entry again :)
    Hope this is a sign of good times ahead.

    So will lord monty be arnd this week to lead
    the charge into Arnhem himself ;)

    Jolly good ol chap

  2. Oh well... it was a damn good game nonetheless... :)

    About time you made a blog entry. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come

  3. I'm afraid the chaps will be off to the beaches for some much needed rest. Should be a rum thing, tea, crumpets and what. Pity we'll miss the show, and our regards to Jerry.