Saturday, May 28, 2011

Truimph and Anguish for the Brandenburgers!!!

Season 4 of the 40k League kicked off last night, and the 6th Assault Grenadiers stormed into battle with fervor and ferocity characteristic of the Brandenburgers. However, the very first game of the season turned sour as daemonic forces of the daemon world battlefield cast its unholy magicks to help the Chaos Daemons defeat the Brandenburgers (note the unnaturally cocked dice in the picture above. I needed a 6 and it stopped mid-roll - and stayed that way! It never dropped ... spooky). From the moment that dice stopped in mid-roll, I knew we were doomed!

Eager to exact revenge on whomever comes next, the 6th literally ran into xenos Eldar of the Saim Hann tribe. The xenos fought hard and well, using their speed to take on my far right flank, with the obvious intent of rolling up the flank with a combination of Banshees, Seer Council and Eldrad. But 2nd Assault Platoon got in the way and held up the xenos attack long enough for the rest of the company to secure victory. While 2nd Platoon was eventually wiped out, they gave as good as they got, wiping out xenos Dire Avenger, Howling Banshee and Fire Dragon squads in close combat.

The battles were hard fought and bloody, but it is only the very beginning. Much more glory is to be gained by the 6th as we dive into Season 4.


  1. test comment- that looks nice!

  2. That was one tough army to play against bro....

    The amount of firepower i was facing each turn was crazy. Well, that's IG for u.

    If your rolls would have been better, don't think i could have lasted till turn 5. Must be the farseer playing with your dice rolls that nite that kinda saved me :).

    Nice new blog btw.

  3. that was indeed an epic battle! and the emperor smiles upon the destruction of so many xenos! Emperor Protects!